Why You Should Study in Canada

Why You Should Study in Canada

Planning to study in Canada means one thing – you have written the IELTS exams. Possibly too, you must have worried about the authenticity of studying in Canada without IELTS. You must have spent sleepless nights thinking all hope is lost because you have no IELTS test score.

Hey! Worry not, as there are some universities in Canada which do not give a hoot about IELTS and would still accept your application if you meet other requirements. Amazingly, that is why we are here – to give you all the answers you seek regarding this situation.

It is certain that for you to study anywhere in foreign countries as an international student, the IELTS exam is as important as carrying your luggage with you. With the IELTS exam, you have the opportunity to apply for studies in any college or university situated in Canada. However, you’ve got some options to jump the hurdles without IELTS.

For example, the online courses offered by these institutions do not require IELTS exam to access them. and the most beautiful part is that you don’t need to reside in Canada to offer these online courses.

That is not all about the news. For you to complete your studies in Canada, you will need the Canada study permit. With your student visa, you could get the permit. Like it has been pointed out, not all the universities and colleges can offer you the chance to study in Canada without IELTS. For those that would be glad to have you study in their institution, you need to meet one or a combination of the following conditions:

  • Other English proficiency tests like TOEFL, CAEL, CanTEST, and so on;
  • You must have studied in an English-medium school for up to four years;
  • You have attended the institution’s language school for up to one semester;
  • You are coming from an English speaking country to Canada; and
  • You have completed either O’Level or A-Level and were taught in English.

If you meet one or a combination of the above criteria, chance are very unlimited for you to study in Canada without IELTS. That is, if your college or university choice has a waiver for IELTS.

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