What’s unique about studying in Germany?

What’s unique about studying in Germany?

  • Germany is a beautiful country in western Europe covered with landscapes of ice mountains, rivers, forests, etc.
  • Germany is a country that embraces its cultural differences and wide diversities. It creates an amazing environment where many cultures, languages, art, people come together and live.
  • The country also takes pride in holding many historical events on its lands. The place is filled with many ancient castles, historical monuments, architecture, many sites related to WW2.
  • Berlin is the capital of Germany and it is the home to art and nightlife
  • Depending on all the above-stated facts if you think Germany is just a country filled with ancient buildings & sites, you are completely wrong.
  • Great german cities like Munich, Frankfurt, and so many others have tall skyscrapers that make you forget where you are!

How to study masters in Germany without IELTS in 2020

Like we said, studying in Germany without IELTS in 2020 is simpler than what you thought. We’re here to guide you through every step.

Universities that allow you to study without IELTS require you to provide an English Proficiency certificate or Medium of Instruction (MOI) by the time of your admission.

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