Universities in Canada that do not charge any application fees

Universities in Canada that do not charge any application fees

It is of great importance to note that some universities in Canada charge application fees in the ranges of between $150 – $200. This is a great blow on international students with strong financial needs. Worst still, these application fees are non-refundable once they are paid.

Sometimes, you must have applied to up to 10 different universities, only for your applications to be turned down and your financial resources wasted. This means that the application fees are no guarantee that you would be considered for admission. The universities claim that the application fees are used for logistics and that is why they are non-refundable.

Not to fear, we have been able to discover four universities in Canada that do not require application fees for both domestic and foreign students. It is very good to first look out for schools that charge no application fees. If they reject you, it is not a death sentence. Consequently, you need to find out their reasons for denying you the application. This could be helpful in preparing yourself for those that charge application fees. You could make the necessary corrections and changes that caused you the rejection.

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