Study VISA in Canada without IELTS

Study VISA in Canada without IELTS

In respect to Canada’s new visa regulations, there will be no hurdle in the student visa even if you do not possess IELTS scores. According to the latest rules International students just need to prove their admission at a university in Canada to be eligible for a study visa. So students who are applying for visas in Canada without IELTS scores need to provide documents to prove that their university does not require IELTS score. These regulations were made by the Canadian government to attract genuine international students towards the nation who are actually willing to pursue their studies in Canada. It will also benefit the students from worldwide to gain higher education in Canada from first-class universities without IELTS.

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Before You Apply:

Before You Apply for the Study Permit, and you have been exempted of giving a proficiency exam, contact your nearest Canadian Embassy and ask if they will accept your Canada Study Permit application without IELTS. You might be asked for a letter from your DLI University in Canada, stating that you do not need to take IELTS examination to participate in the program you have chosen. It is important to check with embassy first before applying for Student Visa in Canada without IELTS.

However, when you don’t have the IELTS, you actually need to have a certain proficiency letter in English. The proficiency letter is one that your previous school issues. The letter shows that your hold on the English language is passable and you deserve an admission to the university. If universities accept the Proficiency Letter, then you will be able to study in Canada. Doesn’t that sound wonderful, people?

So, if you are wondering about moving to Canada and want to study here, just remember that you will be able to do so. Whether you have IELTS or not,it does not matter.

SDS & Study in Canada without IELTS:

To speed up the student visa process, Canadian Immigration has introduced SDS (Student Direct Stream) for student Visa for students applying from China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal and Vietnam. Under SDS the IELTS score of a student has to be 6.5 bands overall and 6.0 in each module. The whole point of SDS to cut the processing time of Canadian Student visa. Therefore, if you are opting for SDS, IELTS is a must. If a student wants to study in the university of Canada without IELTS, his application will fall into the regular student visa application category and will be evaluated as such.

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