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Understanding The Canadian Immigration Requirements

Are you looking to move to Canada with your family? It is the best decision for you to take. The average life expectancy in Canada is 81.75 years while in Nigeria, it is 55.02 years.

What will you learn from This Package?

Major Features to Check for when Choosing a School in Canada

Lots of People make grievous mistakes in choosing schools in Canada while they are preparing their immigration. This package will unveil lots hidden tricks that will make your visa processing very easy if you are going through the education route.

Sorting Out 'PoF & Medicals'

The Canadian embassy would require you to do medical exams before your visa is approved. There are medical tests that are no longer requested, but lots of folks still waste lots of money doing them. This package will itemize the required Medical Tests, Recommended Hospitals, The web links to the hospitals and the contact details of the focal persons in the hospitals

Writing a Perfect Statement of Purpose

The purpose of travel document is such a great document that helps you to speak to the visa officer while you are fully in-charge of your story and the flow of the story.
This Package makes it very simple and easy. It itemizes all you need to put in your SoP. It comes with a SAMPLE that will help you to get yours done in a jiffy!

Convincing Visa Officers of the Ties to your Home Nation

This Package will reveal the best ways to convince your Visa Officer of the best ties to home country thus getting them convinced of your have reasons to return? The ways are clearly itemized in this Package you are About to get.

A little bit about the Package

The Package itemizes and discusses all the documents that you need to include in your Application

All Documents Needed for the VISA Application is Well Discussed
Practical Steps with Samples on how to convince the Visa Officer
Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (Marriage)
Detailed Information About Everthing About the Medical Tests

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The Author

Visa Waka

Visawaka founded by Nigerians with over 20 years combined experience in immigration stuff help people to get their Canadian visa very easily, help them settle in and better prepare for a beautiful life in Canada. After seeing the need to help educated Nigerians who can do the process themselves and easily scale the immigration huddles, Visawaka provides vital the information they need to make their application a success and avoid visa rejections. Some of the clients attest to the fact that Canadian immigration is easier and simpler once they are equipped with the right information.

Get Your Canadian Visa in 5Weeks

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