How To Reduce the Cost of

Canada Immigration by 70%

This Package is Meant for Serious Minds About Canada Japa!

This Package Contains:

Six Initiatives to unlock 18.5M Benefits and make your Canadian Immigration 70% cheaper

Currency Exchange!

This knowledge in this package will save you lots of funds, Upon arrival, you will need to convert your funds to Canadian dollars, this package will show you how best to save funds doing. Else you would loose lots of monies and you could end up being stranded.

How To Get Paid For Studying French!

French being the other Nationally recognized Language in the Nation, you would get paid 900 CAD every month for studying the language. This Package will point you in the direction of the link to access this opportunity that will boost your income more

Tricks on Choosing your Resumption Time

This simple info here will save you money on Tickets, Accommodation and Tuition Costs

Secrets to Save Over #1M ON Accommodation

You are just settling down into the Nation, You need heads-up info on how to manage your income while you settle down! This info alone will save you lots of money thus making your immigration cheaper!

Save 11.2M Naira when Paying the Tuition Fees

Its very possible to pay the same amount of fees paid by citizens as an international student, but you have to be well informed. That's where this package comes in. It points you in the right direction and opens the door for you.

More About the Package

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