get your canadian visa

without PoF/Bank Statement Wahala!

Proof of Funds is described as a Necessity for most visas, especially the Canadian Visa. The Information in your hands will reveal to you how you can get your visa in 5 weeks without any form of Proof of Funds

What you Get in this Package!

Substitutes for PoF & Bank Statement

Tested and Proven way to Satisfy the PoF criteria

Safety Tricks Against Using Fake Accounts, that can lead to Visa Ban

Get your own copy of PDF ebook!

This information is not for the general public but for very Serious people processing their Canada JAPA Plans!

More About The Package

Escape PoF/Bank Statement Wahala!

This is a tested and proven way to satisfy the proof of funds criteria for Canadian Immigration without having to explain lump sum deposits, loans and credit advances, bank statement accounts with other sensitive information. 

Bank statements can give a pointer to your economic status even when you have the required funds for your trip in your bank


Without PoF/bANK statement Wahala!

This Package Contains 3 Major Practical Ways providing a Better Option to these PoF/Bank Statement Wahala. It has worked, unfortunately it remains a Secret to the Public!

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