Eligibility Conditions to Study in the UK without IELTS

Eligibility Conditions to Study in the UK without IELTS

-An assessment of your class X and XII English language scores

Some UK universities will consider competence in the language of an applicant based on the score in matriculation and senior secondary in English. Admissions of students with a score of 60% or above in 10th and 12th class are allowed by some UK universities. Sometimes only your class 12th score is taken into consideration since it’s the later of the two scores.

-If you studied in an English medium school

If the students have English as the medium of instruction throughout their academic life and overall good grades, then an admission committee may waive the IELTS requirement.

-Conducting a telephone/Skype interview

Before making a final decision on applications, some universities prefer to speak to the applicants. Usually they are interviewed over telephone calls which could be at your nearest test centre. This interview can determine their English language competence and if they manage to impress the interviewer sufficiently, there is a good chance that university may waive IELTS.

A student may face refusal of a place on the course if they don’t possess excellent verbal and written English language skills and their percentage of marks secured in English doesn’t meet the entry criteria.

Is it possible to study in UK Without IELTS? So keep smile on your face because YES it is possible to study in Abroad without IELTS especially in United Kingdom also. If you are seeking of admission in Britain Universities and you don’t have IELTS yet now So, you are reading the right article because we collected the List of UK universities without IELTS.

In past, IELTS was main hurdle for the students to take admission in UK universities & now UK Admission without IELTS requirement is not tough because many universities will see your previous degree if it is in English that they will spare you. Also if you have good communication skills than you can give interview to them. In some specific circumstances, some British universities may not assess your English proficiency through standard tests but in a different way.

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